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Launch your own university or campus customer loyalty programme.

Attract. Engage. Retain. Grow.

Our Customer Loyalty Technology Uses Mobile Payment And Gives You The Tools To Get To Know Your University Or Canteen Customers.

Mobile Payment

From sign up to referral rewards;
to location and interest focused offers.
Data helps you create campaigns that connect.

Data To Campaign

Transform customer and basket data into
actionable insights that you can quickly segment
and turn into personalised marketing campaigns.

Personalised Interactions

From sign up to referral rewards;
to location and interest focused offers.
Data helps you create campaigns that connect.

No slip zone

Identify, target and upsell slipping customers
and get them back in-store with a unique
reward that makes you top of mind.

Understand & Improve

Understand your customers, not just
through our data insights, but by engaging
with them and getting direct feedback.

Powerful Product Features

Every product feature has been conceptualised and built to enhance your customers’ lives and build your business. It’s what takes it from a simple incentive programme to a powerful rewards solution.

QR Code Reward Redemption

One quick scan of the QR code gives you instant, contactless payment, reward redemption, and delivery of an itemised digital receipt.

Engaging Campaigns

Excite students, employees and staff with memorable campaigns and mix things up by offering different mechanisms throughout the year, such as Spin to Win, Refer a friend, Bulk Buys, or Promo Codes.

Points Or Stamp Based Loyalty

Stamps allow customers to earn based on number of visits or their overall spend; points mean that the more they spend the more points they earn, which can be redeemed for rewards.

Segmentation & Targeting

Target slipping customers to increase frequency and average basket size with offers, and increase sales on certain days and times by auto-sending marketing or offers.

Detailed Merchant Dashboard

You’ll have access to important key insights and customer data that help you enhance your processes going forward, such number of active users, average frequency, average transaction value, and more.

Order-Ahead & Order-at-Table

Whether it’s to help customers skip queues or add to your COVID safety measures, minimise contact and get sales moving when customers place their order on the app.

Keep In Touch

Benefit from key customer feedback on their buying experience, queue time, likes and dislikes, and more. Use push notifications and email marketing to alert customers to rewards they can take advantage of.

What our products can do for you.

More Customers


Sign Up Deals And Referral Campaigns

For lead generation and trial boost, offer sign up deals for new customers to on-board them by the masses and turn loyal customers into a marketing tool with a stand-out referral campaign.

More Data


Customer Analytics

Thanks to our dashboard, you can reward customers based on their location or previous shopping habits. Grow your database, get to know your customers, engage with them and get feedback.

More Transactions


Targeted Campaigns

Whether you’re targeting and rewarding new customers or are identifying slipping customers and incentivising them to get back in store - give customers what they want, when they want it.

More Spend And Frequency


Customer Segmentation

It’s all in the details. Prove that you understand their wants and needs by segmenting and targeting your customers. It will drive increased basket values and frequency.

And So Much More.

With data, analytics and a direct line of communication
at your fingertips, this is just the beginning.

Case study

Planet Organic

Find out how Yoyo Wallet helped Planet Organic to attract, engage, retain and grow their customer base through increased transaction values and unique users.

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"Yoyo is helping us remain viable and stay ahead of the curve in business."

AI Overton

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